My Girl Pookie aka Saya

Here is her Medical journal:

Her Spay and Stomach Tack - 12/6/2010

History: Saya had a laparoscopic overiectomy and laprascopic assisted gastropexy on 12/6/10. Saya was determined otherwise healthy. Her physical exam, she was bright, alert, responsive and weighted 62.1lb. Mucous membranes were light pink. Temperature was 101.2 degrees F. Heart rate was 90 bpm. Respiratory rate was panting. Eyes, ears, nose, oral cavity appear normal. Heart and lung auscultation revealed no significant abnormalities. Peripheral lymph nodes palpated normally, abdominal palpation was within normal limits. Prior to clipping for surgery, multiple raised, red papules were present along the ventral midline of the abdomen.
Diagnosis: healthy female dog presented for laparoscopic spay and gastropexy; Mild pyoderma.
Diagnostic Procedures:
  • PCV: 49%
  • TP: 6.7g/dL
  • Glucose: 66 mg/dL
  • BUN: 15-26 mg/dL
  • Buccal mucosal bleeding time was within normal limits
Discharge Status: Normal, no future appointment, she came home 12/7/10.
She did go through a false pregnancy : more info to come Here is a link to learn more about false pregnanies

Put her on a raw diet do to pyoderma - 01/05/2011

After Saya came of the antibiotics for her spay, her pyoderma came back. We switched her to a raw diet in Jan 2011. the butcher shop pre grinds it, 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ. It's beef, chick necks and backs, then liver, and I think kidney. After being on the raw diet for 3 weeks her coat filled out, hair came back in at the base of her ears and no out breaks.

Saya was diagnosed with Pancreatitis :( - April 20, 2011

Here is the log of what happened:

Thursday 14th went to Schutzhund training(on no food as usual) between 12 and 1 pm she ate 4 spoiled hot dogs. We went to DeKalb, and I grabbed her a can of organic dog food w no barley for ride home. She vomited it and the hot dog pieces around 3pm. She vomited the rest after we had been home, so bout 4-4:30pm. She slept most the day, no fever, temp was 100.2 Around 9 pm she was a little shaky, so I gave her some oatmeal with brown sugar. She vomited before bed (around 10pm) she vomited around 3-4 am. Then again around 8:30am (Friday morning). I gave her pepto at this time to help calm her stomach.

Friday 15th Was interested in breakfast, I gave her 1/4 of her usually raw breakfast (at 1 ap or so with 2 pepto) she held it down till about 7:30pm, then vomited it up. I restricted her water all day, only giving ice cube amounts several times during the day, it was mix with orange Gatorade. Temp 100.5 I thought maybe the raw as to much on her stomach earlier. Gave pepto after she vomited. I waited till around 9-10pm and gave her some cooked pieces of sirloin filet. She sucked on her teddy bear a bit, still under the weather. She vomited up her view bites around 1am.

Saturday 16th She made it through the night with no more vomiting. I still rationed her water. I tried giving her a little bit of Grusel's canned dog food (Wellness) She ate a small amount with the cottage cheese. Gave with pepcid with it. She slept most the day. Played Tatsu for two seconds, but that was it. At dinner I gave her again small amount of canned dog food till she walked away. Friends came over around 8pm. Saya acted ok, she even begged for cake. She went to bed on her own, still seemed under the weather.

Sunday 17th No vomiting last night, nor through the night. She ate a little bit of Grusel's canned food with breakfast, I gave it with pepcid. I gave her more range of the water, but it had orange Gatorade mixed in with it. She did not throw up. Her poops were small, dark, when I opened them w a stick u could see see the grayish canned dog food. She had two pees I noted that were rather orange colored, no brown, orange and she peed a lot. Her 2nd poo was the same as mentioned. We were not home for some of the day, my mom stopped in to check on her. Said she greated fine, barking.

Monday 18th she ate a little bit of Grusel's canned food, not much. She ate the side of cottage cheese and walked away. She had an interested in the raw in the fridge, I offered her a couple bites, but she didn't have more than a mouth full if that(more like a marble size). I've left the water bowl out today. Not drinking as much as, before it seemed excessive, now seems normal. For lunch I let her snack on 1/2 a hard boiled egg. She didn't want any boiled chicken. She did wanted a lick my banana milk shake (made with almond milk). We went on a short walk today, she was pulling, checking things out as normal. I did notice what I thought was a yellow tinge to her eyes. For dinner, tired raw with veggie mix, she had no interest. She wanted Tatsu's dry solid gold dog food. I mixed it with some yorget and gave it with a pepcid (around 7 - 7:30pm). Dan gave her a bite of beef roll too. At 8:15pm she went outside and vomited the egg from earlier and all the dinner. She slept a bit, but not as much as before. She was trying to drink a lot, then would vomit it. I had to ration it, even thou she really wanted a drink. Including waking me up in the night for one. She's sleeping quite a bit, not eating normal. She should be on her feet by now if it was food poisoning. We are going to the vet first thing in the morning. We'd go today, but since she is no critical, I'll fast her and we'll run blood work in the morning.

Tuesday 19th With the last vomit and the jaundice look I took her to the vet at 8 am. I fasted her since for 12 hours, was going to start at 8pm. Exam went ok. No pain. She lost 2 pounds or so (52lb, was 54 when she got her shots on March 21st). I can call between tomorrow between 8 n 8:30am for results. He suspected food poisoning. Maybe mild pancreatitis. Liver slight risk, but not as worry some if she eats. She can only have rice, apple sauce, cottage cheese or yogurt for today. She did look a little yellow. We'll find out tomorrow wht the blood shows. I stopped at target for her diet. She liked the apple sauce. She was happy with the yogurt and brown rice too for food. I picked up some sun chips, and gave small amounts of the apple sauce on them, she seemed interested in the food for once. She did not vomit today.

Wednesday 20th

Her pancreas enzymes were 3x wht is normal. The liver has been affected. She is jaundice w liver cells dying off. It most likely is from the pancreas. Going with antibiotics and diet. Can't do steroids with the pancreas. Thyroid was low. Running a T4 test. I went and picked up her amoxicillin started her on it. Going to try I/ D diet. Giving small amounts several times a day. Going to give a probiotic too. And her fish oil. Told to give a vanilla wafer or two every hour. 2 eggs a day was recommend too. Came home and took a nap. I was exhausted. She did ok on the ride home. After she ate, and I gave her amoxicillin she seemed to purk up a bit.

Thursday 21: Seems to be better. Appetite is better. She does seems better. More alert and barked at her brother a few times and even sang a bit. Still not playing with him like normal. She looked at soemthing out the window barked at it. She still has a yellow tint, but no vomiting last night. And she ate breakfast w no problems today. She was looking for more food afterwards too. I think better than yesterday. I'm just worried. Her poos were really dark, but then I remembered I gave her blue berries blended w banana for an hourly snack. Going to switch to arrowroot cookies. The fruit is acidic. I didn't think of that :( She didn't sleep as much today. She was more alert than before, following me around the house some, barked out the window. She finally greated me when I came home too. Before she'd just sleep.

Fri 22: Had a brown/orange poo. Tried stealing carrots while I was making roast for Dan. She was running zoomies w Tatsu and playing. Vet called to check on her. Thyroid is normal. They said it could take some time for the yellow to go away. Said they've had dogs w liver values that have come down but still look yellow. As long as it don't get worse. They also said it's a good sign she is acting better and enjoying eating. They of course can't tell w out blood work, but said if it was their own dog they'd be pleased. She didn't nap all day. Prior she had been sleeping a lot. She may have eaten to much today. She stood up w puky face, but then stretched and was ok. She went to bed early, at 9 instead of 10/10:30. So did her brother. She wanted her Teddy bear to suck on. She seems back to her self :) I'm still nervous bout blood work but what's new. She went to bed early, but Tatsu did too. They were playing today. She has a big appetite :) The yellow seems a lil less. She's not getting worse so the vet thinks she's on the mend. She seemed a lil upset but once I gave her her sucky time toy she calmed down. She's been trying to steal food right after and whining while I was making her dinner. I'm worried I'm feeding her to much at once, but she kooks so skinny I want to get food in her without hurting her organs. She follows me around, even into the bathrom. Still greeting me when I come home too :)

Sat 23: I don't think I see yellow any more. Woke up to her typically sitting next to me licking my face. I did her nails and thought I noticed a little more yellow :( but that went away. She was alert for the day, no naps. She was sucking on her toy a bit, but was normal. She played with Tatsu, signing and all. She is hungry, I'm still giving her small meals. She is very perky when I go to offer her anything from apple sauce to cookies. We went for a walk, she did very well on. I let her run around in the back yard, she chased a rabbit. Didn't really tire easy. We did some gardening, she stayed awake and checking stuff out, even being all goofy trying to play and run circles. She came in while I ran to the store. She greeted me when I got back. She had a typical brown poo later in the night. I didn't see the orange tint.

Sun 24: She ate a good breakfast, Gave her almost a whole can. We went and laid back down aftewards. She is looking like she is putting on weight again. We got up late (as usual) at 12:30, she has been running, barking, and wresteling her brother the entire time. I can't think of anything that she is not doing that would consider her being back to her self. She follows me into the bathroom. Hubby is not worried about the blood work on Tuesday. He sees her acting so much better and looking better too :) The yellow has not shown up yet today today. She did have a orange poo though. The outside is normal brown, just inside is orange. That is the only way for the bilirubin to leave the system though, that and pee. She is getting yorgert that has some fruit mixed in, cherry, berry mix, etc. Not sure if they are working in or not. I let them run out back for a few, her and her brother not just her by herself. She came in not acting more tired or anything. Her typical self. Begging for more food. Sitting next to me licking if I don't pet her. Stealing licks of my banana shake. Barking at her brother like normal, almost to the point of being annoying again :) If she lays next to me, everytime I get up she gets up too. She played and ran with her little brother out back for quite a bit, acting 100% normal. Both of them were trying to eat grass thou. After playing outside, some of the yellow came back :( It went away within an hour.

Mon 25: Pretty typical day for the pups. It is nice to see her acting very normal. She played with her brother, ate like a lil piggy. I'm nervous about the exam and weigh in. And of course, I just want to see what is going on in the her blood work matches up with how good she's been acting. Her urine is still normal color. No sign of any jaundice today. Faster her after 9pm for tomorrow blood work.

Tues 26: Had follow up appoitment. She's increased from 52lb to 55.8lb in a week. Her usually weight is 54/56lb. They said she look a lot better. Even chased the wipers on the way to the vets. The janudice has not come back since Sunday. Her poos are still a orange on the inside. She has not turned down any food offered :) We went down to play with Mika today, she did just fine, her good ole's self. At the vet she was growling and barking at dogs. We'll get the blood results tomorrow between 8 and 8:30am. She ate rather well today, very hungry as ususual :) Seemd a little itch, but could be the weather. I started her on her antibiotics twice a day. I didn't hear them right, and was only giving her one a day :( I made some changes on the pancreatitis page after reading a ton more of information, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to see the blood work results tomorrow. The liver has me worried, but with ther jaundice down, it a good sign those values should lower as well. I'm just not sure on the time line and these enzyem changes. I hope it soon so we can go back to normal life with her playing in the creek.

Wen 27: She had breakfast, then we go back and lay down. Introduced oatmeal and some sweat potoate to her diet. After we got up she is playing loadly, wresteling, tuf of war, and running house zoomies with her brother. She seems to be sucking on her toy a little less, which is more normal for her. She took a napp after playing with her brother bout 12:20, but gets up with me if I get up. She played out back with her brother today too. Wresting quite a bit. I was a bit down bacause of the results, she reads well, so laid on the couch with me, getting up to bark and things and such thou. Still acting typical.


The blood work today showed her pancreas enzymes are back to normal, but the liver is not.

Amylase was 3439, now 683 (290-1125 range)
Lipase was 1437, now 227 (77-695 range)

However, the liver but I've heaard it can be slow to recover, and have ups and down. It's just scary with Dobermans, it seems to line up with the pancreatitis being the cause. Once diet was adjusted, we got the pancreas under control.

The liver values are slightly down, but 2 are up .

AST was 221, it went up to 278 (15-66 range)
ALT was 1026, it went up to 1789 (12-118 range)

ALK Phos decreased from 5336 to 4146 (5-131 range)
Total Bilirubin decreased from 6.3 to 1.2 (.1 - .3 range)

GGT - decreased from 71 to 66 (1 - 12 range)
Total Bilirubin decreased from 6.3 to 1.2 (.1 - .3 range)

The Albumin and Globulin where not out of range, but did decrease a little. Albumin went from 3.2 to 2.9, (2.7-4.4 range) Globulin went from 3.4 to 3.1 (1.6 - 3.6 range). The Albumin is suppose to be higher than the Globulin. The ratio is 0.9. I know as the albumin goes down, the liver is showing signs of damage. Total Protein went down from 6.6 to 6 (5.0-7.4 range) which is still normal. I think albumin is used to measure if there is enough protein in the diet. I'm wondering if these slight changes could have been a result from the change in diet as well.

I've read a few times treat the pancreatitis and the liver disease will regress. I can't find out what a typical time frame is for it to normalize. I'm trying to find why the ALT and AST went up. The vet said that the liver in inflamed, if the liver was in failure, the values would actually be lower as it could not have enough cells to produce. I'm so confused on this.

I know liver damage causes ALT to increase, but I'm not sure how long it stays in the system. Since it elevates with liver disease and is released from damage liver cells it's a pretty good indication the liver is having issues. You may see an increase when there is damage to the pancreas too. Can't find it peak nor its typical normalization rate on line.

AST increases with liver damage too and with the break down of red blood cells. Some infections can cause it as well. She is showing no signs of liver issues, no more jaundice, she is back to her self still.

The doc said it was a good the the GGT did not go up too. He did mention the liver is good and rebuilding itself and can still function well if portions are damaged. I'd rather her it is healing.

I'm keeping her on the I/D diet, the fat free yogurt has artificial sweeteners, so I'm using the low fat ones. No fat cottage cheese. Apple sauce, brown rice, oatmeal and sweat potato. arrow root cookes and giner snaps. I mix this in with her 3 meals or give some as a snack. She is still on 6 or so small meals a day. We'll do this until I get the values lower, if they are not down within 2 weeks, I guess we'll go down to U of I.

I also was not giving the amoxicillin like I should have. I was giving 1 ever 24, not 1 every 12. I'm not sure if that could have hurt these values or not ;( So much I don't know. I try to read and Saya comes over liking my face as to tell me to stop. She is acting normal.

Mom talked a friend and they said Saya blood work is typical of pancreatitis. She called what the liver is pry doing is rebounding. Since it handles so much it can get worse before it gets better. I read too that if the numbers fell fast, the liver may be in serious trouble. Low levels more go with failure. High it's just working hard.

Thr 28: She's 17 months old today! I work up to lots of pookie poo kisses. She ate a good breakfast, we went back to sleep after. Got up, she came to visit me a couple times in the shower, but mostly laid in my room. Took her and her brother out to play. The ran quite a bit, did a lot of "dancing" while wresteling. Brought her back in. Noticed a very very slight tinge to the eyes, could maybe be just blood flow. They have been very white since Sunday. I bought her some more cookies and sweat pototos. I tired giving her a vit e capsule with her afternoon snack. I have a call into the vet to ask about Denamarin, Denosyl, Marin, Sam-e, etc... to see if any of those would benifit her at this time. I worried about having to go to a specialist. I wish this would just heal quickly. On a vet answer thing for cats a vet posted that "it would be normal to see liver enzymes elevated after a bout of pancratitis. The common bile duct, shared by the liver and the pancreas is often involved with pancreatitis, so there is often some (reversible) liver damage with pancreatitis. The liver enzymes can takea few weeks to return back to normal". Saya of course is not a cat, but some of her elevated enzymes indcated the duct could be involved. ALKP is produced by the cells lining the duct, those have come down but are still high, since the last test. GGT too was up (but started to slighly come down) Both ALP and GGT are elevated in disease of the bile ducts. With those two values going down, it appears the duct is starting to imporve. These are just my thoughts after hours of reading. She got the clear for Denamarin, we are picking it up tomorrow morning. This was a different vet I spoke to, same clinic, she is from Germany and rather familiar with the breed. She did say these liver enzymes take a bit to calm down, and don't necessary show that the liver worse off. Eating is very important, and Saya has no problems with that!

Fri 29: First day of Denamarin down the hatch. Fingers crossed this helps! I have her on a fish oil cap, digestive aid, and a vit e cap too (along with her diet) She is still acting her good ole' normal self. It was kind of a long day for her, but she didn't miss a bit. She ate a good breakfast, ran to ottawa for her Denamarin. She had it on the way back. We went to my grandmas where she was tied out for a bit while I helped my Aunt load up her truck. She did not tire at all, acting normal, even all smiles in the sunshine! We then went to my mom's office and hung out for a few (my dad stopped by and even gave her a pat on the head). She played out back with her brother, came in just fine, no tiredness. She still wants to eat anything and everything :)
I did notice her rash on her belly isn't going away. Her coat is thinning a little bit the back of her legs... typical of before she went on raw. This RX food is suppose to be helping her, but I can't have her itchy. Going to look into mixing in some lean, low ammonnia, low copper raw meat in. Chicken and Turkey seem lean enough. We'll grab some tomorrow to cut the I/D with. Poor girl has gone from She's gone from a dog bite on the leg, to a spider bite one her face, to pancreatits to liver, n now to coat :(

Sat 30: Ran to the butcher to get a whole chicken to grind and some ground turkey. Saya ate a good breakfast. 2nd day on Denamarin. No reacton at all :) She would not stip whining the entire time I was chopping and grinding chicken. She laid behind me or sat next to me the entire time. She is a dog who loves her raw. I'm going to mix it 50/50 with the I/d. I'll talk to the vet Tuesday when we go for blood work. I'm mixing it too with oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt and brown rice. I was going to use sweat potoate and pumpkin like on line, but the vitamin A is so high. I was rearranging my office, her butt was planted on my chair making sure it did not move!

Sun May 1: She enjoyed her breakfast and lunch. Played out back with her brother. We took a long napp today. All the moving yesterday wore me out. Her and her brother played out back. She is still acting normal and eating well. I'm working in my office today, and she sleeps on her chair as normal. If she hears something, she has no problem getting up to investigate. No problem getting up to chasing a freay bug on the floor either. Of course a "signing" session with the other two dogs has to follow after the "bug" hunt. Rash is looking better. She is still on 1/2 raw poltry mix with I/d. I used she SheaPet spray yesterday, so hard to tell but her coat feels better pry from it. Two days with a lil bit of raw won't work that fast. I just hope the animal protien is no hurting the liver. Dairy is much eaiser on them. So I make sure to use cottage cheese and yogurt too. Her system seems ok with it, solid poos.

Mon 2: She liked her breakfast. 1/2 cottage cheese and yorgurt, 1/2 raw chicken and turkey mix. I added some oatmeal and an egg white too. Tomorrow is the blood work. I'm so nervous. I don't want to see the values any higher. From what I can gather for so much reading, I think I can understand what has happened to this point. If the two liver values have still increased I don't know what is going on then :( It will be a trip to U of I.
  • Pancreas inflames dumps/leaks lots of juices out.
  • Juices injure nearby liver cells (ast n alt release into the blood)
  • When pancrease levels return to normal wht causes liver levels to keep increaseing?
    • consider moment in time w test, half lifes too
    • wht bout bile flow disturbance from the pancreas being inflammed, putting pressure on it and injuring it?
      • while it's healing alp, ggt, bilirubin should go down (after their high increase)
    • y would alt n ast still increase?
      • Bile duct injury will increase ALT (and AST) due to the toxic effects of retained bile salts on hepatocytes (liver cells).
      • Slow increaes in ALT may indicate bile duct obstruction/injury
  • Takes time for liver to heal after injury to it's cells from pancreatic enzymes and disturbances in bile flow due to injured bile duct from inflammed pancres putting external pressure on it.
Guess that explains i Either way. I want low values tues/wen!

Workign in my room, she sleeps on my chair, but when I get up and clean she is death shaking her toys, barking at stuff, wresteling with little brother. She is not eating her rice/yorgert snacks with as much force, but still licks it clean, but will look up for more sweets to be added, but I've slightly increased the size of her 3 meals a day. She has no problem with her cookies. Wii weighted her in at 54.8. Trying tor remember what it was last time. Before she weighted a little more at the vets that what the wii showed. She was 55.8 at the vets last week with both collars on, but I thought the wii had her at at least a pound lower, I thought it said 54.3. When she first went in back on the 19th, the was 52lb, I didn't weight her on the wii back then. Her normal weight is 55/56lb prior to all this. She got up to 62lb after he first heat before her spay... it was winter and she had saggy boobs.

I got her some cherries and watermellon today for her non fat cotteage cheese I found. Those two fruits have some history of helping the liver levels. Her brother and her played outside today.... she barks at him to get him to run :) She has fun! I havn't taken her out to my parents woods, worried the creek water or somethign would mess with her immune system :( at least they havea back yard to play in. I don't reall notice any yellowing even after playing.

Ok, ya more reading, but I found in humans "Amoxicillin: Amoxicillin causes a moderate rise in SGOT levels, SGPT levels, or both, but the significance of this finding is unknown. Hepatic dysfunction, including jaundice, hepatic cholestasis, and acute cytolytic hepatitis, have been reported. " Those are the two levels that went up. For dogs I found "On occasion, the antibiotic may cause elevated liver enzymes.", "Elevated liver enzymes have been reported with the use of amoxicillin, but the antibiotic is not generally considered to be hepatotoxic (toxic to the liver)."

Tue 3: Went for her blood work this morning. Woke up to Pookie kisses :) Her poo was not as solid as normal, but she did have watermellon and cherries yesterday. It had the orange color still but, w no I/d, and chicken being skin color... The vet said she looked good. He expects the liver values to be down. The duct issue made since to him. He said she no longer needed to be on the I/D. I showed him her thinning coat. He said the chicken/turkey mix with the cottage cheese/yogert seemed ok till the results are in tomorrow. The have the L/D, but he said dogs don't usually like it so he rarely gives it. She weighed 56.6lb on March 21st or so when I brought her in for her annual shots. She pry ate that day too, can't remember thou. On Tuesday 4/19 when she was sick, I brought her in she was 52.0lb. By 4/26 she was 55.8, today she weighted in at 55.4. She has been playing more out back and is on a fat free diet with limited food intake. He did not think the amoxicillin could be causing the raise. We'll just have to wait and see tomorrow :(

Today would have been Kheper's 7th birthday. This mixed up thoughts don't help. It is the first year he is not with me to celebrate it. Everyone is expecting the values to be down. He said if they are still up he'd go liver biopsy, but with her values high I don't want her liver filtering anesthesia. I'd go for an ultrasound first. My dad says just to give it time, and wait another week. I don't know. If they are still climbing I feel I want to just load her in the car and drive right to U of I, if they can't get me in I'll go through the ER. She is still acting 100% normal. We walked back from dropping of my car to be serviced incase we have to go tomorrow. It is quite a few blocks away. She pulled and tired to chase squirrels. Got home, she had her breakfast finally (had to fast). Her and her brother are playing now, barking out the window. I don't see her tiring easily. Everyone is expecting the values to be lower tomorrow, he did say if they were still increasing he'd think shed be showing signs. 8am will be a scary call for me :( Have to make sure to have fun today. It is Kheper's birthday after all. I know he is here with me in spirit.

I of course needed to nap from the all extra stress. Being a drab day don't help either. Saya napped with me, but had no problems getting up when I did. When I leave my room she follows. She ate all her lunch no problem. Her coat feels sooo smooth for some reason. Maybe the vit E?? Her coats color was off, and me being over paranoid wanted to give her a bath. Liver and coat really don't relate from what I can find. Skin and coat is more food/diet related. Gave her a bath and did her teeth. She was full of energy after that... running zoomies like a mad woman. Guess in prep if we have to go down tomorrow. I so hope we don't. I know I keep saying that, but I'm very nervous she has a liver issue :( No visual signs of one, again, I just want the blood work to match.

To pick up our car, Saya and I took a one mile jog.. neither of us was panting by the tiem we got there. Drove back with her head out the window. Then begged for my supper (she already ate .. had cottage cheese, yorgurt, ground chicken (w bone) n turkey mix, brown rice and a hard boiled egg). I gave her an oatmeal snack. Just incase we do go to U of I, I'm going to hold food after 9pm. I just hope the values are down and this horrible feeling of awating news is lifted. Even after our job, she gets up and barks when the door is opened. I can't see where she appears not herself.

Wen 4:HER VALUES ARE DOWN! It appears the AST and ALT followed the typical bell curve when the liver cells are injured. They appeared to have peaked last week and are on the way down. The other liver values continued to drop as well! The AST will drop faster, as it has a shorter half life than that of ALT. Doctor said to keep her on the raw chicken, cottage cheese, yorgurt, nilla wafter, oatmeal, brown rice, diet. I've added in some cherries and watermellon to help with the liver. She is alos on Denamarin (one a day, earily in moring before breakfast, I wake up give it to her, go back to bed), Amoxicillin 500mb twice a day, Vit E (400 twice a day) and Fish Oil Cap (1200mg twice a day), and a digestive enzyme made from papaya and other good stuff.
Total Protein6.6 65.75 - 7.4
Albumin3.2 - 4.4
Globin3. - 3.6
AST22127812915 - 66
ALT10261789107312 - 118
AKP5536414825815 - 131
GGT7166491 - 12
Total Bilirubin6. - 0.3
BUN 1010156 - 31
Amylase 3439683 X 290 - 1125
Lipase 1437227 X 77 - 695
Today was a good typical day for her! Woke up to pookie kisses. She eats her breakfast in record time now that it has raw. She is still getting at least half dairy protein. I make sure to feed oatmeal with the chicken mix to help with any ammonias that may form from it being broken down. She played out back with her brother. I can't wait till I can take her back out to moms. I want her system 100% with the creek water and droppings from who knows what wild animals. She is still getting up moving around when I do. Her glucose was little low this time, 70 is low normal, she was 64. With the change in diet and all the doctor was not concerened. I didn't have to, but could still give her a nilla wafer every hour. She likes them, and she only has 1 more pound to go before she is at her best weight.

Thur 5: We played out back for alittle bit before the rain came in. She is still acting and eating normal :) They play pretty hard outside, she keeps barking at her brother to get him running. Although in the evening, Tatus stole a loaf of pre-made garlic bread from the counter... geeze... garlic, onion power, and 78 grams of fat. I didn't know how much which got. I have saya 2tblsp hydrogen peroxide (hated to do it, but fat and onion powder could be worse) she brought it up very easily and I waited a few and gave dinner. She held it down, no problme. Like nothing happened. She didn't get that much. Her iron gut of a brother finally brought it up on I think the 4 dose of hydrogen peroxide, it was at night, or I would have taken him in for the shot. I should not have turned my back on it, but he is such a theif. At least everyone is ok, all out of their systems and good yummy food in them ;)

Fri 6: Today we went for our first hike in almost 3 weeks I think :) I didn't let her hang out in the creek long or chase anything. It was till pretty cold. We did a quick walk around then came back up in the yard to play. She had to be on her tie of course, but she still chased her brother and wrestled her brother. She seems to be putting on even more weight. I'v been splitting her chicken portion into 3 meals, but adding non fat cottage cheese, yorgurt, oatmeal, and brown rice to it. That stuff weights in heavy on the scale, but it is fat free. To keep her carbs up... I'm going to have to talk with someone to get her balanced correctly. For raw I'd feed 2-3% of her body weight. Well this is mostly dairy protein, and 1/2 the raw, not sure if it measures the same. I have a call into Dr. Allen Paul at U of I to help me determine how I should be balancing her dairy protein and meat protein. I have started giving her some cherries and watermellon. They are suppose to help with the liver and are not very acidicy. She just gets a little bit and really enjoys them as a treat. She ate a great break fast, played out back for a little bit. I cleaned the car out VERY well, and we headed for our hour hike. Tatsu is of course still barking from the porch. Saya and Grusel are napping in my room. I'm going to take her out to lay in the sun for a bit while I pull some more weeds. I'm tired from hiking, I can only imagine her. I didn't let her hit her full run, but she don't hold still while out there. Falling asleep on the ride home is something typical for her. She did good out in the yard w me, wonder if her tummy and neck are a little sensative, shortly after a lil neighor dog came charging at her, she threw up snack, but it was mixed with a mit of grass too. I gave her a pepcid and some oatmeal. We'll see how she does at dinner time. She ate her dinner no problem. I have her a knuckel bone her brother had pulled most the meat off of for some extra calcium.

Sat 7: I noticed Saya got bite by something on her sholder blade :( bit ole welt w fluid. Had a lil bit of puss, mostly clear fluid. Appeared this morning I'm thinking. At least it wasn't her face this time. Last time she got bit on her right cheak and it swelled up her eyes too :( I don't want to give benadryll. It don't appear to be bothering her. I saw it earlier today, then after we went for a hike and played in the creek, I noticed it was a bit bigger and her hair was up more. Pry from the fluid filling it in. I got it all cleaned up. O poor girl. It is sore. I think it is more insect bite. I already googled any skin issues and liver, nothing since she's not a long term drinker. I weighted her in (after breakfast) on the wii and she was 57lb. She was 56.6 on March 21st before she got sick. Today I'm doing just two meals, with more snacks. I cut out the cookies and am using oatmeal, yorgurt, and low acidic fruit. She really likes Papaya, so I give her alittle bit of that, it has some good digestive enzymes too. Green beans, carrots, and alfalfa sprouts I'm going to add in. I don't want to give vit supplements if I can get them from food. I don't want to over do it with her liver. Vit B, C, E, and Zinc are what she needs. She is getting a vit E supplement, but the others I'd like her to get from food do to toxic risks. Alfalfa has vit B complex, D, C, E and K. Carrots do have vit A, but they don't cause toxicity. Carrots also have Vit B, C, D, E, and K.

She seems to have gotten her strenght back. Today out at moms she saw the sprinkler, she pulled so hard it ripped the retractable from my hand and broke it. Dragging her away from it was a treat too. She is strong! I'm glad to see it :) Even thou she was miss behaving ;) She gardened with me a bit too. Came in for a nice dinner. I found her some cranberry/pomgrante bars nice and high in carbs, low fat, high in vit C. They also have apples, carrots and red cabbage added. Those will make for a nice snack. Got her some dried cherries & cranberries too. She really likes them, eats them like candy :)

Sun 8: She is still doing great! Today we walked about 2 miles to my grandma's house, and 2 miles back. She didn't tire on the walk :) When we got back Dan had the other two outback so she went to play with them. She did come in and crash out on the hardwood just like my boys use too. Tatsu feel asleep too :) Dan grilled out tonight, but ran and got her some tilapia so she could have something on the grill. I had to go into grandma's for 2 seconds. She did good with my dad holding her leash :) It was quite a walk, on our way there the sun was out and I coudl tell she needed a drink, but when we got there she just wanted to play in the hose. On the way back, she wanted to chase birds, squirels, and buddies. 4 miles ya think she'd not be out in front "hunting". I'm glad she has her energy. Her spider bite is looking better too. The spider I found upstairs last night looked to be a comb footed one. It's bite causes redness and swelling. That is what she had. I drained it and it appeared to be really sore :( I got it cleaned up and today could just feel the scab on top, no fluid underneath. I'll keep cleaning it 3x a day. Tomorrow she needs her frontline, hopefully the vet approves giving it to her. I'm not sure if the liver processes anything from topical chemicals or not.

Mon 9: Her spider bite looking much better. Just a scap on top and I can't feel any fluid underneath it. It is one of the those hot muggy days. She has been sleeping on her chair in my room with me while I've been trying to catch up with work. She will get up and go bark at stuff when Tatsu gets going. He has been coming in and laying on they doggy bed. When I get up, she gets up and follows me. Still waiting on U of I to call so I can make sure I'm balancing her meals well. I've been giving more snacks and cutting out lunch. She has been getting more dairy protein than meat, since meat is harder to process. I've added green beans and will get alfalfa sprouts today. For her snacks I give her oatmeal with some berries and lil bit of soy milk. I also found these fruit bars (no grape in them of couse) they also have carrots and red cabbage juice. They make for a good snack I can carry in my purse. She really likes dried fruits. I have cranberries and cherries now. They have sugar added, but just a couple have a lot of carbs with no fat.

Tues 10: Took lil man to schutzhund training, pookie was not happy staying home with Grusel. I don't want to put any training stress on her till we know the values are normal. She paid in her baby pool today as it is pretty hot out. I did notice she broke out a lil bit on her right eye. Not sure from what. It was when the hair folicl in 3 spots creating a pimple. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on making sure she has a balanced diet. I mixed up more whole chicken and juiced veggies. 75& chicken/bone mix and 25% fruit and veggies. The juicer is nice as it really gets the veggies and fruit broken down, I make sure to use both parts, the juice and the skin. I did apples, carrots, lots of green beans, blueberries, cherries, watermelon. I need to get to the store and pick her up some sprouts.

Wen 11: Her eye looks like it is healing up w out me having to use bendaryl. I don't want her liver having to process anything extra. She played out in the baby pool today. It was pretty hot out! She is a water nut :)

Thur 12: She played in the baby pool again.. they kept bugging me till I took them out. Called the vet to make sure benadryll would be ok, he eye had a new bump. They said yes.

Fri 13: I mowed the yard today. Tonight I noticed Saya's chest was rather broken out. She played in her pool a little before I put them up and mowed. he broke out her chest and under arms :( like before she was on raw. What's in bloom? I gave her some peas, other than that same winter foods. I have to help her out. She also been playing in the water, didn't break out till today thou. I mowed, but her feet are not broken out. bendaryll at night.

Sat 14: The benadryll topical and pills helped with her bumps. I noticed some on her neck thou. I gave her a bath with her special shampoo. she had to bite marks on both sides of her checks. im assuming tatus. im just so nervous about hot spots. i've been cleaning them 3x a day with the bandaid wash stuff. gaver her her anitbiotic too. bendarylll at night. i gave her some of her antibiotic today too. i also mixed her food up again. making sure to add the sprouts and green beans.

Sun 15: Chasing fish in the tank wresteling her brother.. typical pookie. Blood test tuesday :( These past two days have been rather cold and rainy. so staying in the house mostly. her eye is still bothered, she does have lots more eye booggers. the spots on her going down her neck seem fewer. her chest and under arms look better. i havn't noticed any new ones besides the other eye looks like it has a dry spot at the top, not a bump like the other has. i didn't give her, her probiotic today. im not sure if something in that is causing it. Her baths do help. I have a natural shea butter spray too w tra tree oil and peppermint that helps her too. When I took her off I/d n went to just ground chicken w dairy (dairy cuz of the proteins to help her pancreas n liver) and a...dded vit e her coat fixed itself n bout a week. The beef mix was either too fattening and prediposed her to pancreatitis or it was just the hot dogs. Beef produces so much ammonia when digested. Once her levels remain normal I'll start adding bison and deer to her fish and chicken for a protein source. She gets a fish oil cap twice a day. N I mix in white fish when it's on sale. It's good liver food when it's white. She broke out on kibble but didn't on raw beef w chicken backs n necks. I can't figure out y she is breaking out now. She broke out in the winter while on kibble, no weeds n the winter. I dry her off everytime she gets wet. Either w snow or playing in the baby pool. She is on a digestive enzyme and denamarin maybe it's one of those that has something on it. The enzyme I'll stop using since her pancreas levels went normal. I'll just use a food source w it in there. She likes papaya. I'm n a tough spot w worrying about her liver. I know reds have more coat issues. I just feel bad for her. W the baths and natural spray I don't see her get itchy. I can have her body stressed thou :( she's broke out ever since she was a pup. Thebonly diet that seemed to work most likely predisposed her to organ issues :( I've looked into dynovite liquid. It's one of the only supplements iv seen w out copper n vit a added :) feeding raw I'm always trying to make sure everything is balanced. I follow recepies and such. Finding something that works at her expense is stressful. poos may be looking a little less orange. i make sure to mix up 75% chicken, backs and necks, with a couple talapia filets. then 25% of veggies and fruit. i think she's been losing weight since going to 2 meals a day, but then she was gaining too much to fast on 3 meals a day. i have to find a balance. i gave her a knuckle bone for after dinner. i think she needs a lil bit more bone. not sure if the anal secreations were from the olive juice she got into thanks to dan. continued with the antibiotic today too. only giving benadryll right before bed.

Mon 16: her eye finaly looks likes it starting to heal. her chest and under arms are clear. i noticed her itching the side of her face a little bit. i put some bendaryll in those spots. im worried about hot spots starting from those two lil possible bite marks from tatsu. blood work tomorrow at 10:20am. i gaver her lunch yesterday and today. no dig enzymes. she as playing w tatus today, running zoomes, still her old self :)

Tue 17: well went for the blood work. she weighted 55.4 - 55.6 lb, so she did lose a pound, but she is normally lean at in teh 55lb range. Allegries are still going away too. played out back a bit and bossed her brother around.

Total Protein6.6 65.75.95 - 7.4
Albumin3.2 - 4.4
Globin3. - 3.6
AST2212781297215 - 66
ALT10261789107326912 - 118
AKP5536414825817925 - 131
GGT716649241 - 12
Total Bilirubin6. - 0.3
BUN 101015176 - 31
Amylase 3439683 X X 290 - 1125
Lipase 1437227 X X 77 - 695
Glucose was 71, up from 64 two weeks ago. No cookies either, just more fruit and veggies in her diet.

Sun 22: She's still acting completly normal. Her allergies broke out over the past two days after going out to my parents. The grass had gone to seed, and we were were in the woods looking for morel mushrooms. She's responding to topical and oral benadryll. The two poos I cleaned up today had no orange in them.

Mon 30: She is still acting normal and eating like a pig! We've decided to wait another week to have her liver values tested. She took her last Denamarin yesterday. I still have her on her special diet and fish oil and vit e caps. I ordered a Sam Beare grinder, it really helped. It gets the bone broken down pretty far. I also worked in pineable and papaya right through the grinder along with the rest of her fruit and veggies. Keeping weight on her with how active she's been as been a little bit of a challenge. I try to give her more treats throughout the day. Yesterday I took them for a hike, even with off on, some mesqitos got to her... their bites became the size of marbles in no time! I carry spray benadryll and that got them under control by the time we got home.

Wen June 8th:
Total Protein6.6 - 7.4
Albumin3.2 - 4.4
Globin3. - 3.6
AST221278129726915 - 66
ALT1026178910732699012 - 118
AKP5536414825817921965 - 131
GGT71664924101 - 12
Total Bilirubin6. - 0.3
BUN 10101517196 - 31
Amylase 3439683 X X X 290 - 1125
Lipase 1437227 X X X 77 - 695
Glucose was 67, down from 71 from 3 weeks ago, but up from 64 five weeks ago.

August 2, 2011 & Feb 8, 2011
Total Protein6.6 - 7.4
Albumin3.2 - 4.4
Globin3. - 3.6
A/G Ratio0.
AST2212781297269706615 - 66
ALT10261789107326990464612 - 118
AKP55364148258179219653345 - 131
GGT7166492410661 - 12
Total Bilirubin6. - 0.3
BUN 101015171918176 - 31
Amylase 3439683 X X X X X 290 - 1125
Lipase 1437227 X X X X X 77 - 695
Glucose was 72 in Aug 3, 2011, Glucose was low 68 in Feb 2, 2012.
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